Monetizer Review: How to use Monetizer?

How to choose the vertical of your campaign?

  • Mobile CPA Offers: It targets traffic who are using mobile-only where those must do a certain action like download something, etc…This category is divided into 3 kinds: Mainstream, Adult, and Aggressive.
  • In-App CPC Offers: These offers open inside the browser of your mobile device via a relevant app. They have low-quality offers and are not recommended for standard publishers, but are available for all verticals.
  • Desktop CPA Offers: They are made for desktop operating systems like Windows PC. They are available for all verticals but come with a low opening rate.
  • Direct Offers: Usually chosen by contacting the advertizer and discussing the offer.

How to use

  • Domain
  • Campaign name and Link name
  • Back Button Link: you can set the Back Button Link to your campaign, to another campaign, or stop it.
  • Traffic type: Mainstream or adult.
  • Offer Targeting:
  • Optimize for Push Subscription Collection: Turn it on so your visitors can get a push notification to subscribe to get extra income.




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