Canva Review: Edit Images & Remove Backgrounds

Canva Features, Pros and Cons

  • Photo Effects to Improve Photos by enhancing or adding effects to them.
  • Canva Pro gives you access to 75+ million photos and videos and +420,000 templates
  • Access to icons, shapes, and stickers to use in editing images
  • Font library where fonts are ranged
  • A drag-and-drop editor which easy working with photos, videos, templates, elements, and fonts
  • Creates images, invitations, planners, and other things
  • Offers many effects to Animate images
  • Publish or schedule posts to social media
  • Content planner to view all your images
  • Brand Kit which is a storage area for your brand assets
  • You cannot create unique elements, which means that you are stuck with the available ones, but you can change their colors and sizes, rotate or move them around
  • Although Canva has thousands of templates and photos, they look generic
  • Isn’t the best photo editor, so if you have heavy work you should combine it with Lightroom
  • Hard to use on small screens like mobiles.

Canva Tutorial

  • Choose a visual type and edit dimensions for your layout
  • Select a template and modify It
  • Choose a photo that matches your quote by uploading it or by importing it from another site
  • Add overlays and edit sizes and colors
  • Add text and choose fonts that suit readers
  • Adjust the alignment as you prefer
  • Resize your creation to suit an app you want to use on
  • Now your image is ready to Download or Share


  • Offer catchy services to get new clients, online work depend on visuals which are expensive when working with professionals, Canva help you design your great visuals by yourself
  • Design team templates accessible to everyone in the organization to expand your client network and eases the stress caused by high pressure and deadlines
  • Build long-term relationships: hold design workshops to educate your clients by making incremental design workshops to improve the clients’ skills
  • Exploit your time in designing more than in copy editing by allowing clients to make small revisions themselves
  • Use our magic resize feature to repurpose your designs for several platforms, or do them instantly without wasting your time with manual dimension variations.

Canva Case Study



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